Meter values

The meter values api offers the possibility to fetch all meter values send by the station via OCPP. This API is always time based, so a query against this endpoint always needs to set a filter[from] and filter[to] parameter (see example below), as well as the measurand. The measurand follows the constants defined in the OCPP protocol.


The operating times can be either read in the context of a station /cpoapi/v1/charging_stations/<station_uuid>/meter_values or for a certain connector /cpoapi/v1/connectors/<connector_uuid>/meter_values.

curl --location -g --request GET 'https://<slug>[from]=2022-11-24T07:41:00.000Z&filters[to]=2022-11-31T07:41:00.000Z&filters[measurand]=SoC&page[pageSize]=100&page[pageNr]=2' \
--header 'Authorization: <INSERT_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE>' \
--data-raw ''

The list endpoint works with paged pagination.