Error Notification History

An error notification history entry describes errors received or derived during the operation of a charging station. This data can also be seen in the Error tab on the detail page of a charging stations. Error notifications define errors reported by the station and are also basis for alerting and escalation to certain instances. The API also offers to trigger those escalations.


The error can be either read in the context of a station /cpoapi/v1/charging_stations/<station_uuid>/error_notifications/ or for the complete system /cpoapi/v1/error_notifications/.

The list endpoints both offer offset pagination.

The error notifications can also be filtered with filter[isOpen]=true/false. If the filter is set to true, all errors that have not been solved are returned.

The maintenance windows can be filtered with filter[startDate] and filter[endDate]. Those values have to be ISO8601 formatted datetime strings.

You can also fetch a single entry /cpoapi/v1/error_notifications/<id> in order to check if the error is resolved or not.


The API offers actions based on the error notifications. You can either trigger an escalation to the configured e-mail addresses with the escalate endpoint. This endpoint will send create a ticket in the has to be internal ticketing system based on the configuration of the station (e.g. technicians). It will also trigger ticket creations, if custom ticket systems are defined for your mandant. The

The second action offers to mark the error as escalated. This might be useful in case the station sent the same error multiple times and should be ignored in further escalation steps. Calling this endpoint will mark the ticket as escalated (not as solved!).