Pricing API

The pricing API gives the eMSP information about the tariffs used by each evse. The API is secured with a token which can be read from the settings page in your be.ENERGISED instance. The token must be passed as header x-api-token within each request.


Version Description Author Date
1.0.0 Initial version Robert Salchegger 14.07.2020
1.1.0 Add all_paged endpoint and restructure documentation of separate endpoints Robert Salchegger, Christian Zellot 23.12.2020
1.1.1 Adapt documentation with a sample request including a header Christian Zellot 07.04.2021
1.2 Include tax information in price structure Debraj Ghosh, Robert Salchegger 09.08.2021



  • you have created an api token in the be.ENERGISED backend
  • you can see stations in your backend (either roaming stations or your own stations)
  • you have configured a rate which is attached to the authentication media

Sample curl request:

curl --location --request GET '*HTB*E00008&tag_id=123456ABC' \
--header 'x-api-token: your_token'


The api offers multiple endpoints to receive the data for either a specific evse, a list of evses or a full fetch method.


The api consists of different data structures, which are described here.