Fleet API

The fleet API gives the possibility to create CRM contact, portal user, and card. Fleet customers can then build their own registration forms for their individual fleets based on this API. The fleet drivers can then register with this user in the respective fleet APP and have the correct contract assigned immediately (registration and contract creation are deactivated in the app). The API is secured with a token that can be read from the settings page in your be.ENERGISED instance. The token must be passed as header x-api-token within each request.


Version Description Author Date
1.0.0 Initial version Almin Pupalovic 03.12.2021



  • you have created an API token in the be.ENERGISED backend
  • you have configured a company
  • you have configured a billing contact
  • you have configured a rate


The API offers two endpoints, first for providing the driver access via creating CRM contact, portal user and card, second for activating portal user and card.